Ducati and Harley-Davidson Motorcycles On The Big Screen

Moviegoers this summer who like motorcycles will be pleasantly surprised at the options the big screen has to offer.  Even parents taking their children to see Madagascar 3, the newest in the Madagascar animated movie series, will get to see a circus bear riding a Ducati. Men in Black 3, the third installment of this movie about alien chasers, will give viewers a chance to see not only a custom-built chopper, but also Harley-Davidsons and novelty bikes

Not new to the movies, but definitely a great way to add action and excitement, motorcycles maneuver through streets better than cars, have a little more horsepower than cars and in G.I. Joe this summer, a Ducati will split in half and explode like a missile.  Even women, particularly catwoman, will ride a custom motorcycle in the upcoming Batman film.

Both the villains and the hero’s will be riding motorcycles this summer.  Sport bikes can blow up buildings while Captain America can save the world on a Harley all in the name of excitement and adventure.

Motorcycles can enhance a movie and at the same time help out dealers looking to sell motorcycles.  As the economy starts to turn around and consumers have more disposable income, moviegoers may find themselves looking to spend some of that extra cash on a motorcycle.  If you find yourself looking for some freedom and excitement with the purchase a motorcycle, make sure you know your limits and let the experts do the stunts in the movies.