Cool New Dirtbike Footpegs from Fastway

Looking for aftermarket dirtbike footpegs can be a big job. But, what if dirtbike riders could find one set of adjustable, lightweight and colorful dirtbike footpegs that could easily adapt to any dirtbike?  Fastway Performance may have hit the mark with their new 7075 billet aluminum Evolution AIR footpegs.

Designed specifically for dirtbikes and coming with a “fit kit” to help size the pegs properly to the bike, these dirtbike footpegs are said to be 13.7 percent lighter than the stock KTM pegs and 20.8 percent lighter than the Kawasaki KX450F pegs.  They also come in 6 different colors and are 2.25in wide and 3.25in long.

Adjustable Height:

With a patented design and a replaceable universal collar, the pegs can be mounted in standard or low positions.  The universal collar gives the dirtbike rider the chance to reuse the pegs when he buys a new bike.

Adjustable Traction:

Patented adjustable traction is offered through three types of cleats with several different height options so the rider can contour or arch the footbed and choose the traction level.  Every set of the AIR dirtbike footpegs come with two sets of F3 threaded cleats.

Adjustable Tilt:

The patented system allows the rider to adjust the angle either upward or downward.  This allows the rider to bring their knees closer to or farther from the bike, thus improving knee and body alignment for better leg grip and control.

With height, traction and tilt adjustment, as well as the universal collar, these aftermarket dirtbike footpegs offer any rider years of improved comfort and riding whether they keep the same bike or get a new bike every year.