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Supercross racing is a fun and exciting sport to attend. The Monster Energy Supercross series is the official ama sponsored Supercross event held throughout the year, throughout the country.   The best website for getting information on the Supercross schedule, your favorite rider, your favorite team or even stories about past greats … [Read more…]

You can have fun with motorbikes on the road or on the computer. A motorbike is a two or three wheel vehicle that is motorized. When on the road (or in some cases off-road), they are referred to as motorcycles, cycles, or motor bikes, based on their usage. When on the computer, or I-phone or I-pad, you can find numerous motorbike … [Read more…]

Trader publications come in both paper and online formats. Trader publications are a great resource for consumers looking to purchase many different kinds of vehicles. Trader magazines sell both new and used vehicles from dealers and private sellers of all-terrain vehicles, utility vehicles, pre-owned motorcycles, four-wheel drive … [Read more…]

A side by side is not a utility atv, nor is a rhino atv an all-terrain vehicle. A Yamaha Rhino is actually a side by side. A side by side is a four-wheel drive off-road vehicle that can hold anywhere from two to six people, they are also commonly referred to as UTVs (Utility Task Vehicle) or ROVs (Recreational Off-Highway Vehicle). Side by sides … [Read more…]

Whether you are an entry-level rider or an experienced rider looking for an easy-to handle, lightweight, fuel-efficient cruiser style motorcycle, a new or used Honda Rebel is a motorcycle you should check out. The Honda Rebel is the smallest cruiser produced by American Honda Motor Corp and for 2014 came in either a black color scheme or a red … [Read more…]

Head to your nearest Suzuki dealer to check out the brand new Suzuki Burgman 200 The newest scooter in the Suzuki Burgman family.  The Suzuki Burgman was available only in a 400cc and 650cc scooter with ABS and non-ABS versions. The Suzuki Burgman 200 now gives consumers the option of an affordable, luxury, small-capacity scooter, with an MSRP … [Read more…]

Whether you are on a motorcycle, driving a car or hauling a semi, motorcycle awareness month applies to everybody on the road. Across the US, states are reminding motorists and motorcyclists to “Watch for Motorcycles” in an effort to prevent accidents, injuries and deaths. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration offers the following … [Read more…]

ATV or Dirtbike   To touch on an old topic, as the warm weather moves across the county, now may be a good time to remind parents why their children should be on dirt bikes as opposed to age inappropriate all-terrain vehicles. From a parent’s perspective, I can see why four wheels can appear to be safer than two. After all, you … [Read more…]

American Honda Motor Corp. has just announced 5 exciting models for the 2015 model year.  Following in Kawasaki’s footsteps, the Honda CBR250R will be replaced with the Honda CBR300R.  For the little ones, the Honda CRF50F and CRF110F will be upgraded for the 2015 model year.  Another big change will be hitting the scooter line-up with the all new … [Read more…]

The Y2K Turbine Superbike sounds like a jet! With a starting price of $175,000, Jay Leno purchased the Y2K Turbine Superbike that sounds like a helicopter or jet engine when cruising down the winding roads in California. This awesome superbike has a Rolls-Royce-Allison Model 250 gas turbine engine, the same engine that provides the power to … [Read more…]