American Honda 2013 Scooters Coming Soon

As the 2013 model year approaches for motorcycles, American Honda Motor Corporation has announced two scooters that will be available for sale in the upcoming months. The release of these scooters will give consumers more choices for fuel efficiency and fun.

The Metropolitan, a 50cc, fuel-injected four-stroke scooter, is being restyled for the year 2013.  This completely upgraded scooter will have a new headlight and gauges, new handlebars and a new taillight design.  With plenty of storage, there is a 22-liter underseat storage area that can hold a helmet and more with a 1-liter inner rack.  Getting an estimated 117 miles per gallon, this scooter, starting at $1999, is a great choice for running errands or getting around town.  You’ll find it on showroom floors in June of 2012 in three different color options, Pearl Black and Red, Pearl Black or Pearl White.

Brand new to the Honda scooter line-up is the big brother of the PCX125, the PCX150.  The PCX150 comes with an automatic transmission and has a 150cc liquid-cooled single-cylinder four-stroke engine.  Unlike the PCX125, the PCX150 will have room for a passenger and be powerful enough to take on the highway.  With full floorboards and a step through design, getting on and off this scooter is a breeze.  Other great features include electric start, 25 liters of storage, a programmed fuel-injected engine and it can be parked with either a center or side stand.  Pricing has not been released yet, but the color choices are either metallic black or candy red.

These scooters are just another great addition to the Honda line-up.  If you are thinking of buying a scooter, check these out on-line or at your local dealer.