Three Honda ATV’s You Should Consider For Hunting

Honda started producing ATV’s in 1970 with the release of the 3-wheeled ATC90.  Eventually deemed unsafe, 3-wheeled vehicles were taken out of production and Honda responded in 1984 with their first four-wheeled ATV, the TRX200.  Honda has come along way since then and continues to make ATV’s with a combination of great features as well as individuality for all riders.

The three Honda ATV’s you should consider are the FourTrax Rincon, the FourTrax Foreman Rubicon, or the FourTrax Foreman 4X4.  All three models are available in camo color and come with front and rear racks.  They also all come with a Programmed Fuel Injection system that results in better fuel economy, easier starting in the cold and less maintenance. Electronic Power Steering is also standard on all three models, greatly reducing rider fatigue. Every model also gives you the option of selectable two or four- wheel drive.

The FourTrax Rincon is available starting at $8999.  It has a 657cc liquid-cooled engine with an automatic transmission.  An independent rear suspension offers a smooth ride and great traction on all kinds of terrain.  With 10 inches of ground clearance, this tough vehicle can go a lot of places.

The FourTrax Foreman Rubicon starts at $7899.  This ATV comes with a 499cc liquid-cooled engine and a fully automatic transmission.  Ground clearance is listed at 7.5 inches and it has a towing capacity of 850lbs.  The Rubicon has plenty of power to get you where you need to go.

The FourTrax Foreman 4X4 base price is $6899.  A 475 liquid-cooled engine and a five-speed transmission with reverse, makes this ATV another great alternative for taking out into the woods. The Foreman comes with a slightly higher ground clearance than the Rubicon, at 7.6 inches, but the auxiliary starting recoil comes as an option, not standard as on both the Rincon and Rubicon.

Many similarities, but noticeable differences, Honda offers quite a few options for the hunter looking to buy a quality ATV.