Kawasaki 2017 Versys-X 300 Overview


  • Kawasaki 2017 Versys-X 300
  • Newest edition to the Versys line
  • Engine type: 296 cc parallel twin, four-stroke, two-cylinder, DOHC, water-cooled
  • Available in two colors: Candy Lime Green/Metallic Graphite Gray and Metallic Graphite Gray/Flat Ebony
  • Suggested Retail: $5,399 without ABS and $5,699 with ABS

Photo courtesy of www.kawasaki.com.


To create the 2017 Versys-X 300, Kawasaki relied on two of their previous bikes that have enjoyed notable popularity with riders. Hoping to combine the best of both, Kawasaki has paired the motor from the Ninja 300 with the stature of the Versys 650. The result is the 2017 Versys-x 300, a bike that affords commuters with a comfortable and economical ride.

As for the motor, the liquid-cooled 296cc parallel twin from the Ninja 300 provides the Versys-X 3 with decent power and torque, without guzzling large amounts of gas. Though Kawasaki claims it’s designed to be the ultimate travel partner, the bike does not seem to be meant for long distance riding. Instead, it’s unique combination of features makes for an ideal fuel-efficient commuter and a decent light-duty, off-road bike.

According to Kawasaki, the Versys-X 300 is “An easy-to-ride motorcycle that makes adventure-style motorcycling more accessible than ever before.” They also add that while the Versys-X 300 is the newest in the Versys line, it set’s itself apart in a number of ways: “It’s not only a lightweight, capable machine, but it also features a rough-road adventure style and rugged look.”

Currently, it seems like the 2017 Versys-X 300 could be the best new entry-level bike on the market. With it comfortable styling, lightweight handling, reasonable price, and road type versatility, new riders are likely to find themselves extremely satisfied with this bike.


The compact and responsive parallel-twin engine is one of the primary features Kawasaki is highlighting in the 2017 Versys-X 300. 296cc engine is designed to help the bike perform well on a variety of roads. The engine is complemented by the assist and slipper clutch, resulting in a light clutch lever pull. The style of the 2017 Versys-X 300 combines large-volume bodywork and an adventure-style design, giving the bike the appearance of a powerful machine.

Overall, Kawasaki seems to be emphasizing that the Versys-X 300 is full of rider-friendly features that make it suitable for any road, while providing a solid level of comfort and accessibility to the rider. One such rider-friendly feature being the spacious ergonomics of the bike that were designed to comfortably fit two riders for extended trips. Furthermore, the bike comes with a unique fan cover that directs heat away from the rider and passenger, also ensuring a comfortable ride.

Lastly, the amount of customization options available through Kawasaki Genuine Accessories allows you to get a bike that is not only comfortable and rider-friendly, but also one hundred percent your own. Customization options include hand guards, a taller seat, a center stand, tubular engine guards, 17 L panniers, 12V socket, and auxiliary lights.

Here’s a summary of some notable features on the Kawasaki 2017 VERSYS-X 300:

  • 296cc Parallel Twin engine
  • Four-stroke, two-cylinder, DOHC, water-cooled
  • Compression ratio 10.6:1
  • Six-speed transmission
  • Front suspension/wheel travel: Telescopic fork/5.1 in
  • Rear suspension/wheel travel: Uni-Trak swingarm/5.8 in
  • 19-inch front aluminum rim
  • 17-inch rear aluminum rim
  • Analog tach and LCD display
  • 4.5 gallon fuel tank
  • Tall and wide handlebars
  • Low seat height
  • Long-travel suspension
  • Two-up seat with a luggage rack
  • Front cowling and tall windshield


According to Kawasaki, comfort and convenience were prioritized in the design of the 2017 Versys-X 300. There are a multiple reasons that the bike succeeds in providing such a comfortable ride: the upright seating position, the low seat height, the modest wind protection from the windscreen, and the tall, wide handlebars. These factors, along with others, all combine to make the Versys-X 300 an ideal choice for casual, around-town riders.

The 296cc twin parallel engine successfully delivers strong low- and mid-range torque, and provides noticeable power. Thanks to its digital fuel injection, the bike boasts a crisp throttle response and manages cold starting well. Perhaps most impressive about riding the Versys X-300 is the amount of torque and power it can produce for the relatively low amount of gas it consumes.

Thanks to it’s lightweight and compact dimensions, the Versys-X 300 also allows for some sporty and nimble handling. With it’s comfort, lightweight chassis, and long-travel suspension, it provides a smooth ride on a variety of roads and in diverse road conditions.

Overall, while it may not be the ideal bike for long distance riding, for commuters it will excel in providing a reliable, comfortable, and affordable ride, or as a solid light-duty, off-road explorer. The bike is likely to find popularity among new riders, and may very well prove to be the best entry-level bike of the season. In the meantime, keep an eye out for Kawasaki’s 2017 Versys-X 300, which is expected to hit dealerships nationwide this spring.