Suzuki Offers $100 To New Rider Graduates of Motorcycle Safety Classes

American Suzuki is currently offering an incentive to purchasers of a new Suzuki Street Motorcycle, Suzuki Burgman Scooter, or DualSport Motorcycle when they successfully complete one of the motorcycle safety classes offered in their local area.  Working with their dealer’s across the country, American Suzuki Motor Corporation is giving $100.00 to customers who verify completion of the Motorcycle Safety Foundation (MSF) Basic RiderCourse (BRC).

The Motorcycle Safety Foundation

In effort to promote safety and safe riding, the Motorcycle Safety Foundation offers their Basic RiderCourse throughout the United States, often free of charge and accepting donations.  Beginners sign up for the course and apply a deposit that is refundable when they show up for classes.  Teaching all the basics of motorcycle safety, anyone can take the course and everyone is encouraged to take the course when considering a motorcycle purchase.

Suzuki Consumer Requirements

Suzuki customers can take the course six months before or six months after the purchase of any brand new Suzuki Scooter, Street or DualSport Motorcycle and must send in or fax the Suzuki MSF RiderCourse Incentive Form within 30 days of completing the course. Along with the incentive form, they need to send in a copy of the course receipt, and a copy of a new Suzuki purchase receipt. Incentive Forms are available at any Authorized American Suzuki Motor Corporation Dealership.

Save On Motorcycle Insurance

Another incentive for riders considering taking the Motorcycle Safety Foundation Basic RiderCourse is a reduction in their insurance premiums.  In some states, RiderCourse graduates can reduce their motorcycle insurance costs as much as 20%.

Anyone interested in taking the MSF RiderCourse can call 1-800-446-9227 to find a class in their area.