Glossary Terms Archive | Power Sports and More

Jet Kits are kits used in carbureted motorcycles with aftermarket exhausts.  The jet kits replace the original jets on the carburetor so the correct of amount glass flows through the system for the best performance.   … [Read more…]

A Power Commander is used on motorcycles when an aftermarket exhaust is installed on a motorcycle.  The power command electronically tells the ECU on a  fuel-injected motorcycle the correct air and fuel mixture to get optimum performance from the exhaust system … [Read more…]

A quick-release connects to a chin strap on a helmet, allowing the chin strap to be attached and removed easily for rider comfort … [Read more…]

Bolt track packs are an inexpensive collection of hardware for a motorcycle. The packs come with all the necessary nuts, bolts and washers to keep the rider on the road or the track. They are available for Honda, Yamaha, Suzuki, Kawasaki, and KTM off-road bikes and street bikes as well. … [Read more…]

A small on-road or off-road motorcycle (usually 50ccs) that racers use in the pits to get to the staging areas at motocross and other racing arenas … [Read more…]

DOT approved powersport accessories include helmets and tires; the DOT approval signifies the Department of Transportation has deemed the item safe and acceptable for it’s intended use. … [Read more…]

A dual purpose motorcycle is one designed for on and off road use. The on road aspect must include a mirror, turn signals, and DOT approved tires. The latter generally has wider tires and little more travel, designed for trail riding. … [Read more…]

Aftermarket Accessories are developed for powersports vehicles by vendors other than the original manufacturers. Aftermarket accessories can enhance the look, sound or feel of any powersport vehicle. … [Read more…]

Aftermarket parts are those made for specific makes and models but not from the specific manufacturer. Although less expensive than manufacturer parts, they often require some adjustment to work properly on the vehicle for which they were purchased. For example, an aftermarket mirror may look like a perfect match to the manufacturer mirror on a … [Read more…]

Baffles are found in the exhaust of the motorcycle to decrease the amount of intensity and sound created in the motorcycle exhaust system. … [Read more…]