Motorcycle Seats Designed For Comfort

A motorcycle rider who spends a lot of time riding should consider some aftermarket seat options available to improve the comfort of their ride and the comfort of passengers as well.  It is easy to find many accessories made by manufacturers that work with their brand of motorcycle, but seats are not something you come across too often.  There are some very good aftermarket companies that provide exceptional quality in product and comfort.

Mustang is one of the more popular aftermarket seat manufacturers.  They recently released a new passenger seat that fits all Harley Davidson Touring motorcycles that were made between 1997 and 2012. This seat is removable and comes with a fully adjustable backrest.  Not only does it pivot, but it also comes with height and forward/back adjustments.  No tools are needed to remove this seat and it folds nicely for easy storage.

Another popular seat sold by Mustang, is the heated touring seat.  It may seem a little pricey at $749, but at that price you get quite a few nice features.  The heat setting is adjustable with high or low settings for both the rider and a passenger. This seat easily connects to the accessory port in the front of the batter, so wiring is not required.  You can find this seat in two sizes, 17” width for the driver and 14” width for the passenger or you can go with the 19” width for the driver, which allows the driver to sit 1.75 inches further back then the stock seat.

In addition to Mustang, Airhawk Seat has developed the Airhawk R comfort seating system.  This seat was designed using medical technology that has interconnected air cells that provide pressure redistribution.  Made of neoprene, this seat cover is 14 X 14 with straps to secure it to almost any seat.  With a front cutaway, a tapered transition for the tailbone and a non-skid cover, this can provide the ultimate riding comfort.

Some aftermarket seats may seem a little costly, but providing the rider and passenger with comfort may be well worth the price.