Helmet Law May Change In South Carolina

The ever-popular helmet law debate is being revisited in South Carolina. Although they currently have a law on the books that states anyone under 21 must wear a helmet, a senator is currently trying to pass a bill that would require everyone on a motorcycle to wear a helmet.  However the governor agrees with the motorcycle rights advocates, who feel it is the rider’s choice whether or not to wear a helmet.

Most bikers do wear helmets, but most of them agree that it should be an individual’s choice, not the government’s.  There is even a senator in the state of South Carolina who rides a motorcycle and chooses to wear a helmet, but agrees with the advocates. Senator Kevin Bryant voiced his opinion with the statement,  “If you’re 21, and if you’re foolish enough not to wear a helmet in my opinion it’s not the government’s place to make you,” he went on to say, “We can’t outlaw stupidity.”

Even though most deaths from motorcycle accidents happened to those not wearing helmets, according to the public safety statistics for the state of South Carolina in 2011, the issue is a matter of personal choice not the choice of the government.

Any opinions on the helmet laws in your state?