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The debate on the legality of requiring someone to wear a motorcycle helmet has been an issue since 1967 when the federal government successfully required states to enact helmet laws in order to be eligible for highway funds and safety programs. In early 1970, most states had motorcycle helmet laws in place; but in the years that have followed, … [Read more…]

If you are looking to buy your favorite rider some motorcycle gear this Christmas, here are a few tips to keep in mind when searching for the perfect gift (and maybe a few suggestions). Helmets: Helmets are always a great gift, covering the head of your loved one is important for both safety and warmth.  Watch out for helmets that are not DOT … [Read more…]

 For those of you who like to ride at night and want to enhance your presence on the road, the Vemar Eclipse Night Vision Helmet may be just what you are looking for.  Providing excellent protection, great ventilation and comfort, consumers often find these motorcycle helmets a great choice. Vemar Helmets has been producing motorcycle helmets since … [Read more…]

A Mobility Program is being offered by Schuberth is an “insurance plan” for some of their helmets.  This motorcycle helmet insurance policy that offers replacement lids to some of their helmets that have an accident damaged lid, at one-third of the retail price.  One of the helmets included in this program is the S2 full-face helmet; two others i … [Read more…]

Tank Sports, Inc., a bankrupt company once located in California, sold helmets that failed 3 out of 4 times in safety tests performed by The National highway Traffic Safety Administration. It is reported that over 14,000 helmets were sold that carry the 5X5 brand name with model number SA-08 and failed to meet federal head protection … [Read more…]

Just because you spent $500.00 on that helmet instead of $200.00, doesn’t mean your head is more protected.  Even though that helmet has extra padding, is made of ultra-strong carbon fiber materials and has a mirrored face shield, if it doesn’t fit your head properly, you may as well be wearing a paper bag. Now, every helmet has an outer shell th … [Read more…]

 Taking your motorcycle to Michigan this summer?  A beautiful state to ride through, with plenty of beaches and landscape to enjoy, some riders can now do it without wearing a helmet. Notice it’s only some riders. The law requiring that all motorcyclists and their passengers wear helmets that had been on Michigan books for many years has been ame … [Read more…]

Just when you think everyone is going to make you wear a helmet when riding your motorcycle, the state of Michigan is trying to change their current helmet law.  Odd as it sounds, the effort has passed in the state Senate and is headed for the Governor’s desk. It doesn’t completely remove the helmet law from the books, but it amends the current l … [Read more…]

Just introduced to the motorcycle market, the F5 Bluetooth® Motorcycle Headset that will be available at interphoneusa.com. The F5 is part of the family of Interphone products that were unavailable in the U.S. until recently. This great new product is available in a single pack for $299 or a twin pack for $499. Using Bluetooth® 3.0, the users of … [Read more…]

The Internet can be a great way to shop and save money, but is a motorcycle helmet really a place where you want to skimp?  When you buy a helmet on-line, are you sure that the helmet is really DOT approved, or SNELL certified, or are you just taking the retailer’s word for it.  On-line retailers are tweaking the spelling or logo of legitimate man … [Read more…]