Improve Performance On Your 250cc Motorcycle

If you own a Kawasaki Ninja 250 or a Honda CBR250RR, you may have a hard time finding performance accessories to install on your motorcycle.  After all, entry-level bikes were once considered a quick trade-in after you learned how to ride.  With the prices of motorcycles increasing, and the limited funding available to young riders, the 250cc market has increased over the past few years.

New to the market, 250cc motorcycle owners can now buy a full-system exhaust that will increase horsepower, lighten the motorcycle and improve the looks with the option of an aluminum or carbon fiber canister.

LeoVince USA has just released the GP Corsa Full System Exhaust to dealers for sale to Kawasaki 250 Ninja and Honda CBR250 owners.  Kawasaki Ninja 250 owners can expect to lighten their bike by 9 pounds with a 28% power gain, while Honda CBR250 owners will see their bikes lighten by 13 pounds and enjoy a 10% power gain. These power gains are based on dyno tests performed by LeoVince.

The MSRP for the CBR250 GP Corsa Exhaust starts at $299, while the Ninja 250 GP Corsa Exhaust starts at $569.