How To Store Your Motorcycle, ATV Or Scooter Battery!

Whether it’s getting cold by you and you’re not going to be riding, or you only ride that ATV once a month, storing your battery correctly can save you money.

Safety should be first, so make sure you are wearing plastic gloves, safety glasses and are familiar with how to remove the battery before you remove it for storage.

1. Remove the battery and prepare to store it in a place that does not freeze, if your battery freezes, it will crack. You should store it where there is good ventilation and it is also recommended that you place the battery on wood, plastic or even cardboard. Do not put the battery on concrete or metal. 2. You need to know if you have a sealed battery or not. Most batteries in current models are maintenance free, however some of the older model bikes came with standard batteries. Should you have a standard battery, you need to check the cells and if they need to be filled, only use distilled water. Tap water contains contaminates that can ruin the battery.

3. Keep your battery charged by either running a trickle charger on it, which will keep the battery charged as needed; or, if you prefer, you can charge it monthly with a 2 amp charger. Never use a charger with more than 2 amps.