How to Shop For A New or Used Side by Side

A side by side is not a utility atv, nor is a rhino atv an all-terrain vehicle. A Yamaha Rhino is actually a side by side. A side by side is a four-wheel drive off-road vehicle that can hold anywhere from two to six people, they are also commonly referred to as UTVs (Utility Task Vehicle) or ROVs (Recreational Off-Highway Vehicle). Side by sides are used for both work and play. A perfect piece of equipment to be used on the farm, hunting, or off-roading on the weekend with the family.

When looking for a side by side, do not be confused when you see ads that say “fourwheelers for sale” or “polaris atv for sale” you would be better off responding to an ad that has a polaris razor atv listed for sale, because the polaris razor is actually a side by side not an atv.

A Honda Memphis powersports dealer sells both the Honda Pioneer and the Yamaha Viking, two very popular side by side models that have only recently come on the market. They also sell Yamaha snowmobiles, so if you are looking to purchase both a side by side and snowmobile, you may want to check them out.

Other manufacturers in the side by side market include Artic Cat and John Deere. The Artic Cat wildcat looks like a big dune buggy and is made for the sand. The most popular John Deere side by side is the Gator.

If you are looking for a used side by side, you can check out the Kelly blue book motorcycles website. Once you plug in the year, make and model side by side you are looking for it will give you an idea of the value based on the condition the vehicle is in.

You may want to stick with a new side by side from a reputable dealer – these off road vehicles can have hidden or unknown issues when purchased used, and you can also enjoy a warranty on a new vehicle along with knowing how the vehicle has or has not been maintained.