Honda Motorcycle Recalls Overwhelm Honda Motorcycle Dealers

Honda has initiated recalls on nearly all of their motorcycles in the past 6 months. Honda motorcycle dealers are not only replacing parts on 75% of the motorcycles on their showroom floors, they have customers calling constantly to set up appointments to get their Honda motorcycles repaired. This is leading to a shortage of recalled Honda motorcycle parts leading to frustration for dealer personnel who have to deal with the angry customers who are disappointed they are unable to ride their motorcycles.

The Honda Motorcycle recalls is the largest of the recalls encompassed 35 different street model motorcycles. A starter relay switch had to be inspected and then if found faulty had to be replaced. Dealers could not sell any vehicles until the inspection was done and if necessary the faulty switch replaced.  The problem was there were thousands of motorcycles needing the switch replaced but only hundreds of switches available.

Two Major Recalls from Honda

The Honda Goldwing – previously have a frame weld and brake recall is currently under a second recall – for the brakes! The Honda Goldwing 2nd brake recall involved model years 2001 through 2015, the recall was necessary because any lack of maintenance on the brakes could cause deposits to form in the secondary brake master cylinder.  If deposits formed in that cylinder the results cause the rear brake to drag or catch fire.  Dealers currently have an adequate supply of parts to replace these master cylinders, but by the spring, when everyone starts riding again, parts may become more scarce.

The Honda Shadow 750 has had two recalls for the same issue – one just released in January of 2016. For the model years 2010 through 2016, the VT750 Honda Shadow has to have the bank angle sensor replaced again – few details are available at this time, however it is for a different type of failure on the same vehicle.

The Honda 750 Shadow recall affects over 20,000 motorcycles

Three other notable recalls include the 2013-2015 Honda CB500F/FA and CBR500R-RA for a defective fuel sensor; the model year 2014-2015 CBR1000S needs a rear shock absorber repair and the model years 2010-2013 VFR1200F/FD needs a drive shaft replacement.

The Honda recalls have affected every employee in a Honda Powersports Dealership. Sales Managers and salesman are losing commissions because the demand for  parts for motorcycles on the showroom floors could not keep up with the supply; if the dealership carried other manufacturer’s products the salesman could try to get the customers to look at other brands, but single-line Honda dealerships are suffering the most.  Service Managers and service writers aree at their wits end answering phone calls, submitting the warranties on time and trying to determine which recall goes with which motorcycle (which a couple models having two different unrelated recalls needing to be repaired).  Parts Managers and their staff had to deal with the service department demanding parts they could not get as well as keeping a watchful eye out when the parts did become available.  Finally, the General Manager and the Owners of Honda Dealerships had to explain to irate customers that they were doing all they could to get their bike repaired and back to them as soon as possible.

How to Check If You Qualify for Honda Motorcycle Recalls

It is recommended that any consumer owning a Honda motorcycle contact their local Honda dealer or call American Honda Motor Corporation and provide them with your vehicle identification number and they can advise you immediately if your motorcycle has any recalls needing to be performed.