Honda 2&4 Project with a MotoGP Connection

The Honda Global Design Project, also known as the Honda 2&4 project, is a concept vehicle project designed by both the motorcycle and car designers that work for Honda. From a design studio in Asaka, Japan, eighty designers got together and voted on their favorite design.  Once the design was selected the project was sent to the automotive design facility in Wako, Japan where the two teams combined their knowledge to create what some call the 4 wheel motorcycle.

Honda Project 2&4 is a way to combine two of the most popular engines that Honda has created; the automobile and the motorcycle. Honda’s diverse engine expertise has catapulted them to the world engine leader; they supply engines to millions of products that are sold throughout the world, including yard tools, go carts, generators, and boats.

The designers were only required to use a v-4 motorcycle engine and a vehicle with 4 wheels. The goal was to create a stable but well handling car that gave the driver a motorcycle riding experience.

Honda 2&4 Project key features:

  • A floating seat allows the driver to feel the wind blowing across their body
  • The carbon fiber seat is on protruding hinges which allows the forward and backward movement
  • The engine is from a MotoGP 999cc V4 motorcycle, the Honda RC213V-S superbike and is mounted at one side of the chassis
  • The car construction is actually and expanded, aluminum motorcycle frame
  • The floor and bodywork are carbon fiber, keeping the vehicle lightweight
  • Producing the 215 horsepower at 13,000rpm is the mid mounted “sport kit” while power is delivered theough a six-speed DCT gearbox
  • The brakes are from a motorcycle
  • The exhaust is made out of titanium
  • The steering wheel houses the starter button, switches for the computer and toggles to adjust engine and traction control.

Not likely to be seen on the street, or the race track, this unique vehicle shows off the ingenuity of the Honda designers.