Homeowners Insurance Is Not ATV Liability Insurance

Companies like Geico, Progressive, American  Family and Farmers are among the popular insurance companies providing added protection to atvs and more, including the increasingly popular use of Utvs and even golf carts.

With the fall season upon us and the winter season quickly approaching, the idea of purchasing an off road ATV may be on the mind of consumers. What many consumers don’t realize is that they should probably consider purchasing ATV liability insurance in order to protect themselves from mishaps and misuse of their vehicle. Many people are under the false impression that their homeowners insurance will cover any incidents that occur with the use of an ATV, utv or even a golf cart, both on and off their property, but this is not the case.

People often ask, what is a UTV? If you were to combine the use of a pickup truck with the mobility of an ATV, you would get an ATV with a bed, passenger seats and the capability of handling heavy workloads. UTV insurance may be even more beneficial that ATV insurance, because now you are carrying passengers and other equipment that could result in a large financial burden should an accident happen.

Golf cart insurance is another needed insurance not considered by consumers. Golf carts are driven by kids (albeit illegally) all the time in rural towns and communities. Parents think they are just having fun, but when this 45mph golf cart hits a car going even 20mph, the results can be devastating. Golf cart insurance can be quite inexpensive compared to the liability that could result from an accident that happened in the blink of an eye.

Several scenarios can be a great incentive to make sure you have the proper liability coverage for all situations. • You are plowing your neighbors’ driveway with your ATV after a huge snow storm and you lose control on the ice and slide into and through their garage door. You are unharmed, but the garage door needs to be replaced, who is going to pay? • You are riding your UTV with your friends while hunting, one of your passengers leans out of the UTV (even though he was told not too) and he breaks his arm, good thing you have insurance.

• The kids take the golf cart for a ride around the block, they are laughing and having fun when a dog runs in front of them, they miss the dog but not the neighbor’s new car and although no one is hurt, the dent in the car can be seen for miles. Let the lesson be that the kids should pay attention to what they are doing, not that you should have had insurance.