Helmet Protection in Low-Impact Crashes is covered with the 6D Helmet

The 6D Helmet – Designed for Protection at Low Impact Crashes

Every motorcycle rider has an opinion on wearing a helmet, but what many riders don’t know, is that sometimes the helmet can do more harm than good. In the case, it has nothing to do with vision impairment or the chinstrap; what it does have to do with is the fact that during low-velocity crashes, the energy absorbing EPS liner does not dissipate the energy correctly around the rider’s head. The lack of dissipation of the energy results in concussions that could result in future medical conditions, especially for the young and off-road riders who tend to spill at slower speeds.

 What Is A 6D Helmet

6D Helmets, a California based company whose CEO, Bob Weber, has been in the industry for over 30 years, has come up with a helmet to protect off-road riders who encounter any type of impact to their heads.  The 6D helmet has developed an ODS System (Omni-Directional Suspension System) that incorporates twenty-seven hourglass-shaped dampers between the outer shell and the EPS core.  The dampers allow the independent movement of the outer shell and core, thus dissipating energy evenly around the head during any type of impact.  Other safety features on this helmet include detachable and break away sides that prevent possible neck fractures while there is extra padding in the chin section to protect the sternum in the event of a face plant.  Finally, the screw inside will collapse so the head is not forced sideways.

What Does A 6D Helmet Cost

The 6D Helmet is a little more costly than most helmets, starting at around $750.00, but the protection it offers is incomparable to any other helmet on the market today.  The 6D is a little heavier than conventional off-roads helmet, but a carbon fiber and Kevlar design has kept the weight difference to a minimum.

Currently only off-road version of the 6D Helmet are available, but an on-road helmet, bicycle helmet and even a football helmet may not be too far off in the distant future as the company is working on designs for many different types of helmets.

Where Can Consumers Find a 6D Helmet

6D Helmets can only be purchased from participating dealers and are not available directly from the manufacturer to consumers.