Great Fuel-Efficient Motorcycle Models in the 2013 Yamaha Star Line-Up

If you are looking for a motorcycle with great fuel economy, the 2013 Yamaha Star Motorcycle line-up offers fuel-efficient motorcycles ranging from a 250ccs to 1300ccs.

V-Star 250

The V-Star 250 is a popular starter cruiser and gets an estimated 78-MPG*.  Fun things do come in small packages with this fuel-efficient motorcycle that is great for commuting.

V-Star 650 Custom

The V-Star 650 Custom comes in a low, long lean package and offers riders an estimated 48 MPG*.  This fuel-efficient motorcycle is considered the best value Star model.

V-Star 950

The V-Star 950 is a great midsize V-Twin cruiser that will get an estimated 47-MPG*.  Cruising around town or across the country, this fuel-efficient motorcycle is priced right.

The V-Star 950 Tourer

The V-Star 950 Tourer also boasts an estimated 47 MPG*, but also has a windshield, leather-wrapped hard bags, and a passenger backrest.  Choose this fuel-efficient motorcycle when you and your passenger are looking to travel on a cruiser in comfort.

The V-Star 1300

The V-Star 1300 gets an estimated 42-MPG*. This cruiser now comes with a new lower seat and a new handlebar that gives the rider a fuel-efficient motorcycle that is superior comfort.

The V-Star 1300 Tourer

The V-Star 1300 Tourer also gets an estimated 42-MPG*.  Riders can enjoy the boulevard or the country in comfort and style as this fuel-efficient motorcycle has the windshield, bags and passenger backrest just like the V-Star 950 Tourer.

The Stryker

The Stryker offers a refined look and excellent performance while getting an estimated 40-MPG*.  With steel fenders that offer owner personalization and cruiser authenticity along with 4 valves per cylinder providing improved combustion efficiency for the feeling of power, this fuel-efficient motorcycle is the granddaddy of the Yamaha Star Motorcycle line-up.

*MPG (miles per gallon) estimates are based on US EPA exhaust emission certification obtained by Yamaha.  Actual mileage will vary depending on road conditions, how the motorcycle is maintained and ridden, along with the combination of accessories, cargo and operator/passenger weight.