Genuine Kawasaki Motorcycle Accessories For Any Two-Wheeled Bike

Whether you own a dirtbike or a cruiser, Kawasaki Motor Corp offers a variety of Genuine Kawasaki Motorcycle accessories you can purchase from any Kawasaki Dealer to make your ride more comfortable and more personal.

Genuine Kawasaki Motorcycle Accesories for Cruisers

Recently introduced for the Kawasaki Vulcan 900 Classic, new gel seats for both the driver and passenger.  These seats are available in three different styles:  flame with an MSRP of $264.95; plain with an MSRP of $246.95; or studded for $224.95.  All three versions feature a gel insert that even out the seating pressure by distributing the rider’s and passenger’s weight over the surface of the saddle.  They are made with a synthetic, waterproof, maintenance free cover that does not require any “break-in” time.

Genuine Kawasaki Motorcycle Accessories for Dirtbikes

If dirtbikes are your two-wheel favorite, you can now purchase replacement plastics for any of the KX dirtbike models that are the same as those used by the Kawasaki Factory Motocross, Supercross and Team Green Riders.  Included in the list of plastics available are replacement fenders, radiator shrouds and number plates.  Price depends on the part number and the dirtbike you are purchasing the plastics for.

Genuine Kawasaki Motorcycle Accessories for Sportbikes

For you sportbike riders out there, the Kawasaki K100 now has a smoked-screen wind deflector that retails for $129.95.  This wind deflector has 40mm of additional height over the stock screen and is scratch resistant.

Genuine Kawasaki Motorcycle Accessories for Dual-Sports

Finally, dual-sport riders will be please to know they can purchase a DC power socket for the Versys.  It is a 12VDC plug-and-play power slot that mounts inside the left fairing.  However, purchasers of this power socket must also purchase a relay quit as well.  The socket retails for $81.95 and the relay retails for $33.95.

If you are interested in these or any other genuine Kawasaki motorcycle accessories for your Kawasaki motorcycle, you can check out accessories at or go to your local Kawasaki dealer.