Electric Scooter – How to Choose Electric Scooters

Electric scooters are making their way to homes and roads now. This is especially good for people who cannot withstand walking or moving around for a long time. Scooters are just like mopeds or low motorcycles except that the former has a step-through frame. Other than that, scooters do not have too many legal restrictions, unlike a 2-wheel electric motorcycle, mini dirt bikes and moped.

Electric Scooters, Is It Good to Own One?

Personal electric transportation is slowly getting in the market due to a number of benefits it provides. Aside from the mobility it can give you, owning an electric scooter will help you help the environment because it’s not running on gas but uses 24v batteries. In the long run, it will be very much cost-effective as you don’t have to spend much on petrol as you will only need a charger and you’re good to go. It is also a very fast, powerful and quiet mode of transportation and the best thing about owning one is that you don’t worry too much about traffic because you can just squeeze yourself through subway trains just like you’re walking. It’s kind of having a bike or motorized skateboard, helping you to get from one point to another without the need of pedaling and tiring yourself.

These vehicles are also really portable, you can bring it to the office or at the park, bring it up a building by carrying it in a lift without any problems. There are also folding models which you can easily store away if you don’t need them. The best part of owning an electric scooter is you look like walking with wheels.

Searching for Electric Scooter Parts

If you decide to get yourself an electrical scooter, make sure you can get parts easily. The best scooters to buy are the brand which have a lot of parts being produced, thus making sure that you are buying a brand that is well-known is very much important.

The best place where you can buy the replacement parts is through your dealer. Most dealers have stocks of parts and accessories that they sell. If you can’t buy it from them, the fastest way you can find them is through the Internet. The Scooter Catalog  and El Scooter websites, for example,   have parts ranging from Mongoose Electric Scooter M200 battery chargers, E-300s battery pack, motors, tires, power chairs and scooter lifts systems. Most websites also have reviews of parts and accessories which you can read so you can get an idea on what’s best for your motor scooter. Offline, there are also stores that sell scooter parts and accessories, usually those selling motorcycle parts also have them on sale. You can also find them in repair shops that specialize in two or three-wheeled vehicle and they may sell them wholesale or retail.

Safe Electric Scooters for Kids

Before thinking of swiping your credit card to buy your children these childrens’ scoo, you must know  first what you need to look for in order to make sure of your kids’ safety. Yes, you want your children to go out beaming with pride as they show off their new gift from daddy, but ensuring that they won’t get into an accident will be the best gift you can give them.

The following are the main things that you need to look for in an electric scooter when you are buying one for your tots.

Great tires. You need to check whether the wheels and tires are in place and if they have a good grip. Most common street accidents on scooters are caused by loose tires.

Twist Grip. This should be easy to twist, should not have anything stuck in between, your child must be able to turn it easily.

Advanced Breaking System. The hand brakes should be very easy to use and reach. This is very important. It is also necessary to teach your kids how to reach the brakes properly.

Now that you know the three things that are important for scooter safety, it’s time to enumerate some of the best brands and models of childs electric scooters. The best model we’ve seen over the Internet is the Razor Pocket Mod Mini Euro Scooter.  This one is a miniature of an adult electric scooter only it only has a 150lb. limit.  What’s great about this is, it is available in various cute colors, like Sweet Pea Pink which little girls will like, Bright Red, Purple and Black for the manlier look that a boy will like. The next one on the list is the Razor E300 Scooter which runs a bit faster than normal scooter speed as it can reach up to 15 MPH. It also  has a wider deck or stand and has battery span of 45 minutes.  Another great scooter for  kids is the Razor  E125, which features folding handles that make it easier to store. The battery runs for 40 minutes on full charge however it needs a kick start before it  runs. Special mention in this kid scooter theme is the Razor Junior (Jr) Folding Kiddie Kick Scooter with its cute kiddie design.

A Closer Look at the Razor e100 Electric Scooter

The Razor e100 is considered as the cheapest electric scooter of good quality today. It is also considered one of the safest scooters as it is manufactured by Razor with kid’s safety in mind.  The next best thing about the e100 is its performance. It’s battery life span is 40 minutes which is great considering its price, it runs on 10mph at top speed which is quite fast but not too  dangerous for kids 8 years and older. Closest Razor models are e150 and e175.

Specifications of the Razor e200 Electric Scooter

Another Razor product is the e200. This one has slightly better features compared to the e100. E200s have weight capacity of 220 pounds and have a top speed of 12 MPH, which is especially good for teenagers who will probably be bored with 10mph the e100 offers. This scooter is also a seated scooter which can be tweaked to be of comfortable height to the rider. The battery of this E200 can last up to 45 minutes on full charge and the 12volt battery needs to be charged for 8 hours. Closest Razor models are the e300s, e325 and e500s.

Razor Electric Scooter – About the Brand

Razor is the most popular brand of kick scooter in the USA. It was invented by Micro Mobility Systems and manufactured by JD Corporation. The company is based in Cerritos, California and they have been making waves in electric-powered vehicles since 1999. The brand basically carries scooters for kids but they have also released a line of scooter  that is used for utility and sports purposes.

Razor became popular in the year 2000 when they released the kick scooter and since then has been the leader in providing transportation with safety and quality in mind.  Now, they not only manufacture scooters, they also produce skateboards, snowboards and BMX bikes.

Choosing Electric Scooters for Adults

Sales for adult  scooters is picking up, due to the fact that a lot of people are trying to get at one point in a faster rate but would not want to bring a car due to heavy traffic. People usually would choose a scooter based on style and not for comfort, but the latter one is the most important thing to consider.

Buying a lightweight and narrow decked electric scooter if you are a big girl may not only look weird, you will also feel uncomfortable and tired after using it for a few minutes.  If you hate standing up, you may also want to consider buying a seated scooter like the Royal 4 Dual Seat Scooter. If you’ve been advise by the doctor to get a transportation device, then consider getting power chairs.

Aside from your reason for getting a scooter and your body composition, you need to know as well where you are planning to use the scooter. Will you be using it mostly in your house or office? Then getting a 3-wheeled one may be the best choice because of the mobility that it offers. If you are planning to use it to run errands and go to parks, then you will need to have the four-wheeled ones. Finding out where you intend to use it will also tell you whether you will need accessories like basket, seats or chair or headlights. Another factor to consider when buying an electric scooter is, of course, your budget. How much are you willing to spend? If you don’t have too much, you might want to consider buying a used scooter. How you choose to buy your very own electric-powered vehicles is really up to you and should be based on your needs.

Hunt for Great Quality and Cheap Electric Scooter

Here are some models and brands you can check and review if they will be right with your taste and budget:

Razor Scooters – Blue Razor,  Imod and Razor Pocket Mod Betty Scooters are priced from $225 – $385.

Bladez Scooters– XTR models are priced from $200- $500.

Salorr – these scooters are priced at  $200.

Schwinn – this brand has several models, some are : Schwinn 500CD, Schwinn Stealth 1000, S1000, S180, S350, S400, Schwinn Currie S500, TRX,  S750, F-18 Scooter and Schwinn Super Sport, prices range from $200- $2000.

X-Treme (Xtreme) – they also have various electric scooters models some of the most famous ones are X-Treme XB 700-Li Elite Electric Scooter, X-Tr Electric Scooter, X360 (X-360), and X600. Prices of X-Treme scooters range from $100- $1500.

Zooma – the price can range from $200 – $500 depending on the model.

Vectrix and Vespa Scooters– has VXL-i models with prices that range between $4000 and $10,000 as these scooters are not the deck type but the motorcycle type of scooter.

Looking for the cheapest brand of electric scooter is easy, just check the Internet or newspaper ads. However, you must also keep in mind that great quality comes with a higher price tag. Although it is also safe to say that the more affordable ones would work if you just use the scooters for basic purposes. But before the price and style, you should first consider safety, especially if you’re giving the electric scooters to your loved ones.