Electric Bikes And Electric Motorcycles Get 2012 Tax Credit

The senate has approved a ten percent tax credit on the vehicle purchase price of any electronic motorcycle or bike purchased in 2012.  This 2012 tax credit does max out at $2500, but may be the incentive to send a few more buyers out to purchase the gas saving, increasingly popular electric motorcycles on the showroom floors of Zero Motorcycle and Brammo Motorcycle dealers. As college students head off to school for the fall, it may be the perfect time to purchase a scooter to get around on campus.

This is great news for manufacturers, dealers, and consumers.  As the motorcycle market is still slow to rebound in this sluggish economy; dealers are looking for ways to get their interested customers in purchasing, without digging too deep in their already drastically reduced profit margins.  Manufacturers will be pleased as well, as the 2013 ordering season is approaching and declining inventory levels on their dealers floors will help them be able to sell more product to their already nervous dealers.

In a related story, the legislature did not extend the tax credit for electric golf carts. The bill for the electric motorcycles was passed in an effort to continue US job growth in both manufacturing and retail.