Ducati Diavel Motorcycles Are Being Recalled

Ducati has joined this list of motorcycle manufacturers having recalls for 2012 model year product, this time they also include 2013 models as well.

The motorcycle model involved in the recall is the Ducati Diavel.  The Diavel is a 162hp sportbike that boasts twin lateral radiators; a 2-1-2 exhaust system and can go 15,000 miles between major services.  But, if you own one of these you should head to your dealer right away.

The Diavel’s being recalled were manufactured from May 25, 2012 through June 28, 2012 and involves a side-stand issue.  The issue can actually have two different adverse affects on the motorcycle and it’s owner (as well as bystanders).  There is a pivot area on the side stand is subject to bending or breaking the side stand.  Should this bend or break occur while the bike is on the side stand, the bike could fall over, thus injuring anyone standing near the bike.  If the side stand bends it can cause improper operation of the side stand safety switch, when not working properly, the side stand safety switch can prevent the bike from starting or cause the bike to stall without warning.

Owners of Ducati Diavels included in the recall will be notified by mail, but concerned owners can contact their local Ducati dealer with the vehicle identification number (VIN) to find out if they have an affected motorcycle.  Ducati dealers will replace the side stand free of charge.  Should owners wish to contact the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, they can do so by calling the hotline at 1-888-327-4236 or visit their website, safercar.gov, with recall number RCL-12-005.  Ducati can also be contacted for information at 1-800-231-696 or at Ducati.com.