Ducati announces five recalls for the 1199 Panigale

Ducati introduced the 1199 Panigale, at the time the world’s most powerful sportbike with a twin-cylinder engine with a maximum 195hp at 10,750rpms, at the EIMCA in 2011.  The Panigale also had the highest power-to-weight and torque to weight ratios among motorcycles in production in it’s class. This sportbike is smaller and lighter than a conventionally framed motorcycle, as the engine serves as a stress member. Unlike previous Ducatis, the engine’s valve train uses gears and a chain, replacing belt-driven overhead cams. The Ducati Panigale recalls  involve four different components of the bike and includes over 2400 motorcycles produced between March of 2012 and July of 2012.

The Four Major Components Involved

Steering:  Two of the five recalls involve steering components on the motorcycle.  The first is due to an insufficient amount of Loctite; screws connecting the steering damper to the steering head can come loose.  This repair has dealers remove the screws, cleaning the threads, reapplying fresh Loctite and replacing the screws to manufacturer torque settings. The second steering assembly problem involves the Öhlins steering damper; a washer is needed to ensure that the Uniball bearing on the damper rod eyelet will not slip out.

Engine Cooling:  Overheating can occur when the exhaust bowden cable cover becomes hot from the heat emitted from the catalytic converter, thus melting the cover resulting in smoke or fire.  The fix for this is the installation of a new cable cover.

Brake Components:  The hose that is attached to the front brake master cylinder reservoir can interfere with the threading end of the reservoir retaining screw.  If this interference occurs, the hose can become damaged, a simple cap nut and washer at the end of the reservoir retaining screw can fix this problem.

Rear Suspension:  The right and left swingarm shaft pivots can come loose, possible causing the driver to loose control of the motorcycle, all that’s required for this repair is for dealers to properly tighten the shaft pivots to the correct torque settings.

A long list, but all easily repaired, contact your local Ducati dealer, or Ducati.com if you own a Ducati 1199 Panigale and are concerned that your motorcycle is included on the list of recalled motorcycles.