Clean The Air Filter On Your ATV Or Off-Road Motorcycle Without Fuel

Many an ATV or off-road motorcycle spend the day driving through dusty, muddy trails.  The amount of dirt flying through the air can wreak havoc on your air cleaner. Without proper cleaning, a dirty air cleaner can cause your ATV or motorcycle to run poorly or worse yet, cause expensive engine damage

In the past, riders have used fuel to clean their air cleaners.  Using fuel can be unsafe for the user, the environment and the air cleaner.  Not only is it unsafe, it can be dangerous as well.

Motorex, in conjunction with Twin Air, has developed a kit to make the job of cleaning your air cleaner more eco-friendly and safer. A two-part process that is simple and easy to do, you can get the job done quickly, without getting fuel all over your hands and possibly your ride.

The first step is to us the Motorex Racing Bio Dirt Remover.  This comes in powder form and when dissolved in a bucket of hot water, becomes the perfect place for you to immerse that air cleaner to soak. Once the dirt is removed, the filter should be rinsed in cold water, squeezed partially dry, and then be left to completely air dry.

The second step is to use the oil solution, called the Motorex Racing Liquid.  Completely immerse the air cleaner in this oil and the oil will adhere to the foam. Before you put the air cleaner back in your ATV or off road motorcycle make sure to squeeze out the excess oil.  Once in place, the oil on the foam will help keep the engine free of dust, debris, sand and water.

To find these and other products to help keep your off road motorcycle or ATV running great, stop by your local dealer and see what they have in stock.  Have you used any products that work great at cleaning air cleaners? We’d love to hear your comments on them….