Choosing The Right Size Dirt Bike For Your Child

Making the right choice on that first dirt bike for your child can lead to a lifetime of respect and love of motorcycling. Don’t hesitate to take your time, research the product and most importantly, listen to your child when you make that first purchase.

Visit your Local Dealership: Dealerships love kids, if they don’t, don’t buy from them. A good dealership will welcome your young rider and realize that this is only the beginning of what should lead to years of enjoyment. Be honest with the salesman about the experience and age of your child, you make think your little Susie is ready for that 150cc bike, but she may not be, and putting her on the wrong vehicle will drive her away from the sport.

Consider Many Options: Have your child look at and sit on not only different sizes, but different makes as well. Honda, Yamaha, Kawasaki and Suzuki all make great quality dirt bikes that start at 50cc’s and go up from there. But, what some people don’t realize is that the fit on a Yamaha PW50, may not be as good as a Honda CRF70. You will also find that some manufacturers equip their dirt bikes with kill switches and restrictor plates, this may be an option for the youngest of riders, but not for an older child just getting started.

How Fast Will They Outgrow That First Bike: Make sure the dirt bike is suitable for your child’s skill level. Many dealerships offer trade-ups for their young riders, so be sure to find out if they will take that dirt bike back in on trade in 6 months. If not, there is a large market out there for used dirt bikes. You may want to consider checking out training courses in the area, quite often they provide the vehicles, you just need to provide the gear, this could get your child beyond that beginners level and into a dirt bike that they can ride for a while.

Safety First: No matter which dirt bike you choose, make sure you take a visit to the parts department to get your child sized right on all the gear they need. A helmet that doesn’t fit properly can be as bad as not wearing a helmet at all. Besides a helmet, chest pads, boots, shin guards and goggles are some of the other things you should take home with you when you take home that first dirt bike.