Choose The Best ATV Tire For Your Riding

ATV riding is done across the country on a wide array of terrains.  There is track and dirt racing, sand dunes, snow and ice, and just some plain old mud riding through the woods.  But riders should be aware that different terrains require different kinds of tires.  Here is some insight into what types of tires work best on different terrains.

Track Riding:  If you are racing on the track, you should use hard surface tires with large tread blocks that will give you maximum contact and grip when cornering.  If it is dirt racing, you should consider narrow tires in the front and a little wider in the rear to create more traction in the rear.

Mud:  Tires that work well in mud should come with v-shaped, deep threads that are spaced wide apart.  Narrower tires are a better option when the terrain is slick on the top and harder underneath.  With a hard layer on top, and a messy underneath, go with wider, flatter tires to allow your ATV to float across the terrain.

Sand:  For sandy terrain, the paddle-tire design works best.  This is a smooth tire with very few treads, you wand the tires to be able to throw the sand and float as well.

Snow:  For the snow, look for smooth tires with horizontal tread patterns resembling snow chains. This pattern works well whether going in forward or reverse, also a softer tire with this tread will be pliable in ice and grip well.

Safety should always be a priority, so when you are using the right tires, for the right terrain, you are not only going to enjoy your ride more, you are going be a safer rider in the long run.