Buying Motorcycle Helmets On-Line

The Internet can be a great way to shop and save money, but is a motorcycle helmet really a place where you want to skimp?  When you buy a helmet on-line, are you sure that the helmet is really DOT approved, or SNELL certified, or are you just taking the retailer’s word for it.  On-line retailers are tweaking the spelling or logo of legitimate manufacturers giving consumers a copycat version of a normally reliable product.

If a helmet doesn’t fit right, then you shouldn’t bother wearing a helmet at all. Just because you wear a medium size helmet from one manufacturer doesn’t mean the medium in another brand will fit your head properly. Different helmets offer different padding and shape and the smallest adjustment between brands can make a big difference in the way a helmet protects your head.  A loose fitting helmet will offer very little protection in the event of a crash and quite often a tight fitting helmets end up getting taken off, for no protection at all.

Helmets are generally not returnable, after all, would you want to wear a helmet returned by someone else? So, when you buy this helmet on line and it doesn’t fit, you own it.  Also, beware of people selling used helmets claiming they were “never involved in a crash” or “never worn”.  Although a helmet may have never touched the ground, after 5 years, the helmet should be replaced because the lining and padding will have worn away.

Just a few things to think about before you purchase your motorcycle helmet on-line. Your best bet is to go to your local dealer and find a helmet that fits properly –  pay the few extra dollars, you’re worth it.