Best Beginner Suzuki Motorcycles

With almost 50 years of presence in the American motorcycling market, Suzuki motorcycles are without a doubt one of the best two-wheeled vehicles in the world and among the big four Japanese motorcycles that ride high in the race for motorcycle dominance. The S brand has been manufacturing a wide selection of motorcycle models, ranging from the entry-level beginners’ bikes and commuters’ street bikes to the seasoned riders’ dirt bikes, cruisers and sports bikes. In this post, we focus on two of the best bikes for first time riders.

Entry-Level Suzuki Motorcycles

Suzuki GS500F.
Small, naked and light. These are the attributes of the Suzuki GS500F that makes it hailed as one of the best motorcycles for beginners. Designed to provide predictable power, this Suzuki bike has size and weight that allows for easy handling and getting the feel for motorcycling, although it still has the power to effortlessly transport bigger guys as heavy as 250 pounds or more. Its 31.1 seat height is perfect for middle-sized riders and even for short or female riders. Stripped of add-ons, this entry-level motorcycle allows you some room for minor dings without having to wince at the sight of prized accessories and expensive parts broken.

New riders often have the tendency to open up the throttle when negotiating corners, a maneuvering mistake that could throw you off-balance. But the GS500F is lenient to such a beginner’s blunder. A new rider will find it easy to handle with its precise steering. If he fails to lean appropriately, whether leaning a little too much or too little, when turning a corner, he can easily correct and adjust while in the corner.

Although recommended for beginners, experienced riders will also appreciate this Suzuki model when taking either taking it around town, or on a highway ride, owing to its six-speed transmission that shifts fluidly and lets the rider put to maximum use its twin cylinder engine.

One drawback of this bike is that it takes a while to warm up on cold days, but a strong point, outweighing this drawback, is the affordable price.

Suzuki Boulevard S40
Previously known as LS650 Savage, this 325-pound custom cruiser motorcycle is another Suzuki motorcycle perfect for new riders. It is lightweight and easy to handle making it ideal for beginners. However, experienced drivers will also fall for this model because it is easy to maintain and flaunts a classic appeal. Its overall height of 45 inches makes it suitable for riders who are no more than six feet tall. However, by adding forward controls, riders whose height exceed six feet can still find comfort in this ride. What more, it can be converted into a Cafe Racer style motorcycle.

The Boulevard S40 runs using the motorcycle maker’s “Big Single” power plant, a 652cc, four-stroke, single cylinder, single overhead cam, and air-cooled engine. Its single cylinder engine makes it suitable for both in-town rides and winding country road cruises.

Beginner riders can count on Suzuki motorcycles to provide them some of the best motorcycles suitable for their entry into motorcycle riding.