Another Recall For Zero Motorcycles

Last week, Zero Motorcycles had a recall for a faulty brake light switch.  This week, we are finding out that of all things, Zero Motorcycle has another recall that has to do with battery.

It turns out that there are potentially 254 motorcycles affected on this recall involving the following 2012 models:

  • Zero DS
  • Zero S
  • Zero X
  • Zero XU
  • Zero XU-LSM

The models are being recalled due to insufficient weatherproofing that may cause a short circuit of the battery management system in wet conditions.  This short circuit can result in the motorcycle inadvertently losing power, potentially resulting in an accident.

Zero Motorcycle will be notifying owners of affected vehicles on or about July 16, 2102.  The owners can take their motorcycles to a Zero Motorcycle dealer to have the issue repaired free of charge.