A Complete List of ATV Competitions

ATV racing has been a loved sport for a long time. For ATV enthusiasts and fans, a racing event can be a deserved getaway or another piece of the off-roading lifestyle. For beginners and seasoned riders alike, being involved in competitions can be one of the great joys of riding. If you’re interested in being included as a spectator or rider, we’ve compiled a complete list of ATV competitions along with a guide on how to get involved. This way you can follow the sport however you want to.

When you love ATVs, what is better than barreling down a racetrack with fellow enthusiasts? For some racers, the answer is nothing.

What Are ATV Competitions?

When it comes to power-sport competition, ATV racing is a thrilling one to get involved in. Whether you are looking to get involved with the sport as a rider or a spectator, the events are action-packed and easy to take part in.

Image: CC0 Creative Commons, rihaij, via Pixabay

These races take place across the country in a variety of different venues. Racers face each other in indoor and outdoor tracks as well as desert and cross country racing. Some of these competitions may only include ATVs, whereas others may consist of other off-road vehicles. The Grand National Cross Country, for instance, is a series that is open to dirt bikes, UTVs and ATVs. As a favorite sport, there are many races to choose from.

A List of ATV Competitions

If you are ready to look into ATV competitions, it might be a little overwhelming at first. After all, there are races throughout the nation and across the globe. It may take time to find a race that appeals to you. If you’re ready to travel for your sport, then ATV season may become an exciting and long-term lifestyle. However, if you merely want to attend a couple of competitions, then you may want to stay closer to home.

We have compiled a list of all of the ATV races that you don’t want to miss out on this season. If we listed every individual race, the list would never end. So, instead, our list covers every series. Several different races are a part of one series:

  • The AMA West ATV Championship Series
  • AMA Hillclimb Grand Championship Series
  • AMA Ice Race Grand Championship Series
  • Grand National Cross Country Series
  • AMA ATV Motocross National Championship Series
  • AMA ATV Extreme Dirt Track National Championship Series
  • World Off-Road Championship Series

When it comes to finding a competition near you, you can search for a particular series or find out about local races from your ATV group.

How To Get Involved in ATV Competitions

If you’re ready to get involved in ATV competitions, it isn’t a difficult process. We’ll help guide you through some of the basics that you should follow before you get involved in your first competition.

Join the ATVA

Before you can hit the track, you have to have an ATV membership. It doesn’t mean that you have to be a member of a racing club! Now, if you happen to have a local club, this could help, though that isn’t what we mean. If you’re an ATV enthusiast, you may already know about the ATVA. The ATVA, also called the All-Terrain Vehicle Association, is the sister club of the AMA or American Motorcyclist Association. The ATVA devotes itself to ATV riders. They put your safety and enjoyment before everything else.

Some of what the ATVA does is the advocate for rider’s interests in the local and federal government. When it comes to racing events, products and safety, the ATVA is the authority with information. As a member of the ATVA, you may receive discounts on services, apparel, gear and much more.

Read the Rules

So, you already know that you want to join in the competition, but do you know all of the rules? If you’re a beginner, it’s likely that you don’t! If you have raced before, then maybe you have a bright idea, but it never hurts to get a refresher. During the competition, you’ll see plenty of different flags. Each color has a different purpose. It may warn you of an accident, or it may tell you that the race is over. You need to be aware of each flag and signal.

Additionally, there may be gear that venues banned or require. The rules are necessary because if you break any of them, you could be disqualified from the race entirely! It’s best to check in advance to make sure you understand. Also, keep in mind that every track has its guidelines. You can find out the rules to the competitions by visiting the AMA website or checking out the venue in question.

Purchase the Right Gear

Don’t skimp on safety gear! Even confident riders can have an accident. Some competitions may have their regulations on what type of equipment you should wear. A helmet, goggles, a shirt, pants, and boots are the standard necessary gear. Make sure that all of it fits you correctly and is right for your competition. If you’re new to buying ATV gear, check reviews and read up about gear standards. Make sure the equipment you purchase is sufficient.

Know Who To Race Against

Not every ATV race is for everyone. If you’re a beginner, you aren’t going to face off against the pros. Likewise, there may be different size requirements for different ATV competitions. Kids tend to use a smaller vehicle, and so they won’t generally be in adult competition. Some classes may divide riders by age groups or gender.  As with any type of game, make sure that you qualify for the one that you hope to be involved in.

Join an ATV Club

Image: CC0 Creative Commons, rihaij, via Pixabay

Now, this isn’t a requirement, but it’s good advice! If you join one of your local ATV clubs, then you have a way of meeting new people who are interested in your hobby. These riders will usually be able to keep you up to date when it comes to races in your area. Clubs can help you stay up to date on ATV news and competitions. You can learn a lot from clubs.

Practice on a Course

Even if you consider yourself a seasoned rider, if you haven’t practiced on a course, you might not be ready for a competition. While barreling through the woods or across rough terrain can help you learn to ride, it is different from running an actual course. Some strategies and tactics help racers when on a track. One of the best tips you can follow is to practice on a legitimate course. If you watch other riders or practice on your own time, you’ll be readier when the competition comes up.

Sign the Release Form

As with most competitions, release forms are necessary. Racing isn’t a risk-free sport! The speeds are high, and the tracks can be dangerous. While this lends to most people’s excitement, it means that you do need to sign a waiver to release the track of liability.

Get a Sponsorship

Don’t expect this to happen right away! If you’re a beginner rider, this isn’t going to happen after your first race. This takes time. If the riding bug has bitten you and you decide to undertake it as a lifestyle, then you might be able to look for sponsors. This is only going to happen once you prove yourself as a competitor with a winning streak.

Why Get Involved in ATV Racing

If you have a competitive spirit and you love ATVs, then the reason to get involved should be clear as day. It’s an exciting way to tap into your competitive spirit. Not only can you hone your skills on your 4-wheeler, but you can feel that love of excitement through racing. This can be an adrenaline-filled hobby, or you can turn it into your lifestyle. For a lot of racers, it becomes precisely that: a way of life. Not only is it great for competitors, but it can also allow you to socialize with other ATV enthusiasts.

It doesn’t matter if you’re a fan or if you want to be one of the riders that seek the finish line. If you’re heavily involved in the ATV community, or if you’re going to be, then these competitions are an excellent way for you to be able to do just that.

When it comes to power-sports, ATV racing is becoming more popular. In the past, motorcycles and dirt bikes dominated the industry. While those are still two of the most popular sports, ATV competitions are quickly catching up. Don’t worry if you’re an amateur or expert; there are racing events that catered to a variety of riders. You will never be teamed up against riders that are outside of your class. Though, if you’re concerned about being outmatched, it’s important to make sure that you’re racing in the right course. Once you know the rules and get plenty of practice, you can start to dominate the track.