3 Fun 2012 Suzuki ATV’s To Consider

Suzuki not only makes a great line of motorcycles, you can also find ATV’s available for riders over sixteen years of age. Suzuki’s clean, quick and strong fuel injection system can be found in both the QuadSport Z400 and the KingQuad 400 A Si.  This article highlights 3 of the 15 ATV’s offered by Suzuki in 2012.

Ozark 250:   This ATV is lightweight with sport and utility capabilities. You can find this two-wheel drive ATV with high traction tires and a 246cc air-cooled engine in either green or red.  Not only does this quad have electric start, but it also has a start in gear feature.   It also boasts a 4-liter storage area under the seat.  This can be seen in Suzuki dealers starting at $4499.

 QuadSport Z400:  A Sport Quad starting at $7099, this ATV also comes in a Limited Edition.  A four-stroke, liquid cooled engine is equipped with 398ccs and Dual Overhead Cams.  A maintenance free battery makes electric start a breeze on this quad.  It also comes with a removable headlight and an easy to use reverse gear, for both safety and convenience.

KingQuad 400 A Si:   This Utility Quad comes with 4-stroke, air-cooled automatic transmission and a new digital speedometer for 2012.  The rider can go easily from two- to four-wheel drive with the flip of a lever. The length on this quad is only 82 inches, making it strong and yet convenient to fit into a 6.5 foot truck bed.  Under seat storage is not only available on this quad, it’s water resistant as well.  You can find the KingQuad 400 A Si starting at $6299.00.

Suzuki provides ATV’s that can go in the sand, woods or track.  They also provide accessories and gear for the hunter, racer, or weekend rider.  Stop in your local Suzuki dealer or check them out on line to see which options are best for you.