2012 Kawasaki TERYX4 ™ 4X4 Safety Recall

The 2012 Kawasaki TERYX4 ™ is considered the luxury edition of Utility Vehicles.  With a four-passenger ride and a cargo bed that has a 250lb capacity, cargo hooks and is 18in X 48in, comfort and space are well provided for.  It also comes with a 749cc liquid-cooled, 4-stroke, v-twin engine, electronic power steering and adjustable front and rear suspensions.  Starting at $15,199 the color choices are Sunrise Yellow or Aztec Red.


But, currently they are unavailable for purchase due to a safety recall, and owners of these Utility Vehicles should not ride them until the following two potentially safety issues are addressed. The first issue involves steering.  Pinion shaft bearings inside the steering gear assembly could become damaged during operation of the vehicle.  Should this damage occur, the potential result would be the loss of steering.

The second safety issue involves a braking issue; one or both of the front brake calipers could be damaged or become separated from the caliper bracket.  If either of these situations should occur, the vehicle could lose its braking capabilities.

The loss of steering or the loss of braking could potentially result in an accident involving serious injury or death. Unfortunately, the problem is still be addressed by Kawasaki and the repair instructions and parts necessary to fix these vehicles has not been released to the dealers yet.  Until such time as the parts become available, Kawasaki has informed their dealers not to sell these vehicles and letters to the owners of vehicles will be arriving shortly, instructing them to await further information before driving their Teryx4.

As with any recall, you can contact your local authorized dealer to find out if your VIN number falls in the range of recalled vehicles. The dealer can also let you know when the parts will be available to get your vehicle repaired, all repairs done to satisfy the recall are done free of charge to the consumers.