2012 BMW Motorcycle Recall

If you own a BMW, in particular a 2012 S 1000 RR sportbike, you may be getting a letter from BMW asking you to take it back to your dealer to have the connecting rod bolts replaced.

It appears that a manufacturing error could result in the connecting rod bolts coming loose during high engine temperatures and/or high engine operating speeds.  Should these bolts come loose, catastrophic engine damage could occur in the engine of the 2012 S 1000 RR sportbikes built between September 1, 2011 and April 10, 2012.

Right now, the potential number of affected units is a little over 1400 and starting May 1, owners will be notified what steps they need to take if their BMW is one of the recalled vehicles.

As always, with any recall, you can contact an authorized BMW dealer for details, or contact BMW directly with your concerns.